Commercial cars, PLD: MERCEDES 0004468440 TEMIC 00004647A3

MERCEDES 0004468440 TEMIC 00004647A3

MERCEDES 0004468440 TEMIC 00004647A3

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MERCEDES part no.:
000 446 84 40
TEMIC part no.:

Repair of your Commercial cars PLD

  • MERCEDES part no.: 000 446 84 40
  • TEMIC part no.: 00004647A3

Known faults

  • Faulty actuation of one or more pump plugs
  • Brakdown of one entire cylinder plate
  • 07543 Battery voltage low
  • 24906 Recirculation of the pump plug plate 2 short-circuit after GND
    15426 Pump plug for cylinder 5: no percussion of valve
    15326 Pump plug for cylinder 4: no percussion of valve
    15526 Pump plug for cylinder 6: no percussion of valve

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MERCEDES 0004468440 TEMIC 00004646A3,

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